The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms.” (Deut. 33:27)

Dearly beloved in Christ,

Greetings to you all in the name of our Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer.

Almighty God in His divine mercy brought us all in this beautiful country and enables us to enjoy material as well as spiritual goodness from this land. But in the midst of our personal and societal challenges, very often we fail to remember the guidance of God and conveniently forget our Christian identity. We are tempted to suitably compromise with our Christian values and ethics. Are we pursuing pseudo-religiosity and situational spirituality? After all, who we are?

We, the Church is a ’Kaudasik (sacramental) community’. We are called out to be the people of God (laos), not one among the crowd (oklos). Our mission is to be the people of God and to make others His people. To experience and to help others to experience the presence of God is the responsibility of the laos today. Realization is the power of wisdom and corner stone of growth. We are a realized community. We have a leader, an agenda, an identity, and life style, which is centred on the life and mission of Jesus Christ. In this hectic world in the midst of various challenges, temptations, exploitations, and injustice, let us look at God for His power to lead a Christ-like life. Our mission and vision should be Christ-centered and it should be based on worldly experience.

We know, Church is neither a building nor a meeting place but it is a place to build up relationship with God and our fellow beings. It is a community of faithful, who care, share, and pray for each other. It is a solemn place to realize the presence of God and the one to get inner healing. Here our social responsibility and spiritual commitment must go hand in hand. We cannot run away from the realities of this world. We should not be a closed community based on our differences rather an open community which reflects love, care and unity of the Triune God. The life style of Jesus Christ be ours and let us proclaim Gospel through our lives. As a called out community, following things should be significant in our Christian life - devotion to the Lord, loyalty to the Church, adherence to the discipline of the Church, unity of the believers and service to the community. As a witnessing community, our foremost priority should be to build up meaningful fellowship and mutual supportive groups based on respect and prayer.  May the Spirit of God strengthen us for His mission. Let us work together for the glory of God.

May God’ choicest blessings be upon us all.


Jameson Achen