The Mar Thoma Church is a global Church, which has been moved from the central Travancore region of Kerala to other regions of India and all continents of the world as a result of evangelization process and constant migration. Reformation process (1836) in the Malankara Church influenced the early Marthomites to extend its boundaries to a wider spectrum through their mission activities. This global Church has encountered multi-cultural and multi-ethnic atmosphere and assimilated various cultural practices and faced faith confrontation in its own geographical regions. This confrontation caused a renewed view of nature, identity and mission of the Church in a positive manner.

The success of the Mar Thoma Christians who were enlightened by the Great Reformation had deep faith in Almighty God, migrated from their native places to various parts of the world in search of greener pastures for job and education. The English education and Industrial Revolution had accelerated this migration process to various parts of the globe which include Malaysia, Singapore, Middle East, North America, Canada and Europe. This migration was instrumental in the formation of Mar Thoma community in diaspora regions especially in Switzerland too.

As a faith community, even though our members are scattered in different parts of the country since a long time, as an organized form of Mar Thoma fellowship began to mark from 9th of September 2001 at Geneva where Rt. Rev. Dr. Zacharias Mar Theophilus Suffragan Metropolitan officially celebrated Holy Qurbana and thereby took the initiative to form a Congregation. It was a divine plan to organize such a spiritual fellowship in this country in which many people were an instrumental forming it. With the consent of the Hon. Episcopal Synod, the then North America- Europe diocesan Bishop Mar Theophilus appointed Rev. Prasad Mathew of St James Mar Thoma Church, London as the first vicar. Under his leadership and the tireless service of the first committee, which includes: Mr. Mathew Thekkottil (Vice President), Dr. Mathews George Chunakkara (Secretary), Mr. Koshy Chittazhathu (Trustee), Mr. Samji Jacob (Accountant), Mr. Kunjumon Charuvila (Lay Leader), Mr. Philip Thomas (Area Representative, Geneva), Mr Renji John (Area Representative, Zürich) Mr. Oommen Varghese (Area Representative, Basel), Mr. V. J. Thomas (Area Representative, St. Gallen) and Mr. John Peter (Area Representative, Lugano), the Mar Thoma congregation flourished in the Swiss soil. Later many families from different parts of the country joined in the fellowship of the Church and gave effective leadership and service to its overall growth.

Since our members are scattered in different parts of the country, and the unavailability of the clergy, the Holy Qurbana and divine services were conducted once in a quarter in various parts of the country. Since 2009 onwards, it has been conducting Holy Qurbana service once in a month in various church buildings available to us especially from the Old Catholic, the Roman Catholic and Evangelion Churches. During the years, Rev. Prasad Mathew (2001 - 2004), Rev. Thomas P. Koshy (2004 - 2007), Rev. Jose Varughese (2007 - 2009), Rev. Dr. Joseph Daniel (2009 - 2014), Rev. Jameson. K (2014 - 2016) and Rev. Sam T. Koshy (2017 - to date) gave leadership to the overall growth of this faith community. Currently, we have prayer groups in Zurich/Olten, Basel, Bern/Geneva areas. The General Body which met on 27th March 2016 (Easter Sunday) has taken a decision to request the Hon. Episcopal Synod to elevate the Congregation to the status of a parish. As a community of faithful, this congregation moves forward with the slogan “Lighted to Lighten” to extend the Kingdom values in this beautiful parts of the world. At this juncture, we thankfully remember the valuable service of all the Clergies who have ministered to this congregation and humbly record our gratitude to the Mar Thoma Metropolitan, Diocesan Bishop and the Hon. Episcopal Synod for the guidance and support.