Dear members and friends of the Mar Thoma congregation,
God willing, the online worships of the passion week - starting tomorrow with Hosanna Sunday worship at 10:00 am -  will be held as joint worship between the sister Mar Thoma congregations of Germany and Switzerland. 
  1. To accommodate the number of online participants and to improve the technical features, we are switching from Skype to software called Zoom
  2. Please download the client at
  3. To avoid security issues, you need a meeting ID and a password to enter the meeting. The meeting ID's will be shared via email.
  4. For the password, please get in touch (Whatsapp/Mobile) with the secretary - Abhilash or Jobin or Julietta
The passion week service details are as follows:
Service Date Time
Hosanna   5th April 2020 10:00 am
Sandhyanamaskaram - Monday   6th April 2020 07:15 pm
Sandhyanamaskaram - Tuesday   7th April 2020 07:15 pm
Sandhyanamaskaram - Wednesday   8th April 2020 07:15 pm
Maundy Thursday   9th April 2020 07:15 pm
Good Friday 10th April 2020 10:00 am
Easter 12th April 2020 10:00 am
In case of any questions or difficulties, we will be glad to assist you. Please contact us (Abhilash, Jobin, Julietta) for assistance. 
For and on behalf of the Mar Thoma congregation,
Abhilash Thekkottil